The Alma Mater Society is dedicated to finding appropriate strategies for funding a student's education. A variety of methodologies are investigated to discover the most cost effective way of supporting students through their college years. Concurrent with this analysis we are ever mindful of protecting the parents' retirement assets so as to sustain them for their intended use.

Through our involvement we often dramatically increase our clients' ability to pay for residual college expenses by improving asset positioning and uncovering inefficient financial management while reducing inherent market risk. We employ a variety of concepts to fund the college experience without impeding or imperiling your current life style or jeopardizing future retirement plans.

One of the largest expenses with funding a college education is the least expected. Over half of all college students spend close to five and a half years earning a four-year degree. The added expense can fuel the financial outlay by as much as $60,000!

A focus of interaction with the student is to allow them to discover their particular talents, interests and values which will lead them to the major that will support a researched career choice. This is one of the most effective methods in curtailing the amount of time spent in obtaining a degree.

One of our primary goals is to prepare your student for life.