The Alma Mater Society assists school guidance counselors by dove-tailing their activity with that of a school professional. The counselor has many duties and responsibilities within the school system and can greatly benefit from our professional staff. We are a wonderful adjunct for creating a well-reasoned approach to the successful positioning of the student and selection of appropriate colleges with the proper fit.

School counselors help students evaluate their abilities, interests, talents, and personality characteristics in order to develop realistic academic and career goals. Counselors use interviews, counseling sessions, interest and aptitude assessment tests, and other methods to evaluate and advise students. They also operate career information centers and career education programs. High school counselors advise students regarding college majors, admission requirements, entrance exams, financial aid, trade or technical schools, and apprenticeship programs. They help students develop job search skills, such as resume writing and interviewing techniques. College career planning and placement counselors assist alumni or students with career development and job-hunting techniques.

The Alma Mater Society furthers assists by locating sources of funding for college. After calculating a "snapshot" Expected Family Contribution (EFC), we can determine any residual amount that will be needed to pay for a student's higher learning each year of their academic life. We guide the parents to the FAFSA and explain the importance of this federal form.

Educational, vocational, and school counselors provide individuals and groups with career and educational counseling. In school settings—elementary through postsecondary—they usually are called school counselors, and they work with students, including those with academic and social development problems and those with special needs. They advocate for students and work with other individuals and organizations to promote the academic, career, personal, and social development of children and youths.

The Alma Mater Society charges no fee for their college planning services.