EFC Calculation


The EFC stands for the Expected Family Contribution.

Students and their families are expected to contribute to the cost of college to the extent that they are able based upon a mathematical model comprised of various income and financial assets owned.

We assist the family in estimating how much they will be expected to contribute. It would be rather difficult to make a realistic plan to cover your share if you do not have any idea what your share could be at any number of colleges or universities.

Deriving your EFC will allow you to gain insight into your financial aid eligibility. If you are unable to contribute the entire cost of college, financial aid is available to bridge the gap. That is how the financial aid system works. The difference between the total cost and your EFC is considered your "financial need" and the amount of aid you are eligible to receive.

The type of assets, the ownership of the assets, and the distribution of income will greatly affect how much you end up paying for college. Repositioning your income and assets now will save you thousands in the future.

To complicate the issue there are several formulae used to calculate your EFC. And, since it is a dynamic figure, it can change from year to year. We provide a "snapshot" of your EFC and suggest methodologies to possibly lower it thereby increasing potential financial aid awards.